About Linui

There is more than just heart and soul in a Linui shirt. We print it by hand at our factory using a specially developed method with real animal blood (pig’s blood) or real cuttlefish ink (sepia ink). So you are holding a unique item in your hands, which creates a combination of design and material through its unique processing.

The design of the anatomy collection is based on the anatomy of humans and animals. In the nautical collection, the motifs are based on line drawings of marine life. In both cases, the illustrations come from books that were made between the 15th and 18th centuries. The blood we process is a by-product of meat production that would otherwise hardly have found use. The used cuttlefish ink is a natural product applied in food production.

But Linui relies on a genuine natural product not only in the printing process. Our cotton shirts and hoodies are attractive due to100% organic quality. They are particularly durable and the print is long lasting when washing at 30 degrees